Tanya is an youtuber and a makeup artist from Norwich. She's engaged with the youtuber Jim Chapman. My name is Stine, i'm 15 years old. I'm from Denmark, but i'm absolutely in love with London and british people. Tanya is a huge inspiration for me, she's literally my rolemodel. Click around on my tumblr, and remember to click the follow button in the right corner. Thank you! Have a great day, love. x
Where is the pink top Tanya is wearing in her new video from? :)

French Connection x

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Really? thats cool. I wish I could spend the whole time in London but I can't :/

Where are you going besides London? x

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Im leaving on Wednesday and I arrive in London on Thursday, and I'm also in London on the following Tuesday.

Almost at the same time as me! x

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Me too! Im going to visit my family because I'm from Cardiff. Im so excited. as soon as I leave the airport I'm going to pop into super drug

Exactly! When are you going? xx

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I literally consider to buy her nail varnishes, though I never use nail varnish, because I have extremely short nails, haha x

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do you know what eyebrow pen she uses in her spring get ready with me video? xx


This one x

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Hello love, I'm not sure if you would know this and I hope you haven't gotten this question too many times but do you know what kind of camera she uses to tape her videos and what software she uses to edit them? Thank you so much in advance. <3


She is using Canon 70D to film her videos and she use Final Cut Pro to edit xxx

1 day ago on April 16th | J | 1 note
So glad your nails and lips are out in SuperDrug will they be in all superdrugs?

I’m not Tanya, sorry. But here’s the list xx

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Do you have any idea where i can buy the necklace with a ring on it that Tanya wore a few times in her Florida Playlist vlog? She said in it that she thinks it was from Topshop but its not on their website anymore :( I really liked it!


No, I can’t find it online either. It’s properly sold out everywhere x

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Do you know of any style blogs for Louise? Im trying to find out where the sunglasses she wore on the day of the spiderman premiere are from.

here - http://louisepentlandstyle.tumblr.com/ xxx

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