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Tanya Burr Lips And Nails Review: Lipgloss

On January 30th Tanya Burr launched her makeup range Tanya Burr Lips And Nails, which was only available online. Later she announced that selected superdrug stores would store the products - for example Superdrug, Westfield, Stratford City, London. 
I ended up buying 4 of her lip glosses and 2 nail varnishes. Personally I like neutral colors and red lips, but it has a wide color selection. The lip glosses is only £7,99, and the nail varnishes is only £5,99. 

As mentioned I bought 4 lip glosses in the following colors: Let’s travel the world, Chic, Champagne Toast and Just Peachy. Let’s travel the world is the perfect red lipgloss for summer, it’s sheer but still bright. Chic is a neutral pink color, which now is a part of my everyday makeup routine. Champagne toast is almost a sheer lipgloss with a tint of dark orange/brown in it. Last there is just peachy which is a mixture of peach and light pink. 

Let’s start with the design. I LOOOOVE the design! It’s not thin, ugly plastic, on the other hand it’s thick, hard and shiny (That came out very wrong). I really like it’s basically completely see-through, it makes it easier to recognize in my makeup collection. It reminds me a lot of the NARS lip glosses, though I prefer Tanya’s packaging. On the lid there’s a cute, pink heart, and in the bottom is the name printed. 
When you open the lid, strawberries is all you can smell. It such a nice smell, instead of those lip glosses who smells horrible. 

The applicator is a small rectangle, which is wider on one side, and flatter on the other. It’s not ‘curvy’, which doesn’t matter, because it has a perfect shape for any lip type and size. It bends really well - it’s just very flexible.

It smooths on perfectly! It feels really creamy, and not sticky at all. I actually hate lip glosses more and than any other makeup thing, because it feels very heavy and sticky - but: These lip glosses feels like an amazing lipstick. It’s not heavy at all, and you can’t really feel, you’re wearing it. It glides perfectly over the small gaps, everybody has on their lips, which is great, so the color is the same and not darker some places. I usually have tendency to keep ‘rubbing my lips together’, because as mentioned I hate the feeling of wearing lipgloss, but I think I’ve done it like once, while I’ve been wearing these lip glosses. 

The color is extremely pigmented! I really, really love it. You don’t need twenty layers, and it’s not as pigmented so it’s impossible to handle. You know, when you’re trying to remove your lip gloss, and because it’s so pigmented, you’ll just get red all around your mouth? This is not the case. It’s so easy to remove, even with a tissue = huge plus! When I removed the gloss from my hand after taking the picture above, I used a tissue, and my hand wasn’t even sticky at all. 
They’re shiny, of course, they’re lip glosses. But they’re not too shiny, which I really like.

It doesn’t last very long on your lips, and is almost gone when you’re drinking or eating. It’s not a really bad thing at all, because I haven’t used a lip gloss ever before which stayed on after I’ve been drinking or eating.

All things considered: I am a HUGE fan of these lip glosses! Next time I’m going to London, I’ll properly buy the rest of the lip glosses. Well done Tanya!! x  

Note: This is my first review in english. I’m only 15, and I’m from Denmark, so there is properly some (a lot) grammatical mistakes. So… sorry. I hope it was useful, and I don’t hope you think It was too long. I personally loooove long reviews.
Please let me know If you liked it, and if you want me to do some reviews related to Tanya in the future.

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